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Modern Factory for Chandelier Art
Cairo Egypt


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About Us

We are the Modern Factory for Chandelier Art specialized in designing and manufacturing Hand Made chandelier. It's a profession that is inherited among Marzouk family since more than fifty years.

We produce a high quality Hand Made chandeliers , Our chandeliers decorates the ancient "Tiatro De La Flash" in le monde France , Ras El Teen Palace in Alexandria , Egyptian Parliament , Egyptian Ministry of State Building and many Presidential Palaces , Hotels and villas in Egypt and Arabian Countries.

Our Factory is one of the oldest and largest factories for Steel Bronze Hand Made chandelier in Egypt and the Middle East, Our products combines the test of east and west and it have a wide variety of size shapes and taste. All products are made from bronze and can be painted by gold.

Our production of steel , classic and modern chandelier suites the different tastes and affordability of our customers We also do reproduce the old fashion French Chandeliers. One visit to our galleries and you will discover a world of arts and history.

Our Vision

Chandelierare not like any thing else, it should be selected carefully to enhance home style.

We manufacture chandeliers with its marvel designs & detail to passionate your soul.

Each time you turn it on to light your home.

Our Mission:

To offer clients a durable bronze chandelier with a high standards of quality, manufactured with a high technology assorted with an artistic handmade to add value to our customers rooms & corners.